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The Veterinary Cannabinoid Academy, est. 2017

About Us

Mission Statement

 Advocate for and provide reliable evidence-based information on the utility of cannabinoids in veterinary medicine. 

What sets us apart?

More and more, we in the veterinary community see established, human-focused, educational or commercial sites providing information to clinicians and the general public on using cannabis in veterinary species. Now, veterinary-focused sites are being created to provide information and advice as well. This is great...kind of. These sites centering animals can be informative, though we question some of the information. Here at the Veterinary Cannabinoid Academy, we set ourselves apart by having absolutely no conflicts of interest  with manufacturers of veterinary cannabis products. 


We commit to you that the Academy will not push specific products or allow industry pressure to create a biased narrative on this site. In addition, we are actively involved in clinical veterinary cannabis research and legislation pertaining to the veterinary industry's right to advise clients regarding cannabis use in veterinary species.

We are pro-cannabis use in animals. We offer a balanced approach to the information we share. We strive to blend conventional therapies with cannabis supplementation and, where appropriate, suggest cannabis as a potential replacement therapy. 



          *limited to veterinary professionals

Vet Cann Academy
Box 5025

San Jose, CA 95150

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm PST

​​Saturday: Closed

​Sunday: Closed


Information shared on this site should not be regarded as medical advice. Any discussion of dosing or how to use cannabinoid products is not a legal prescription, recommendation, or endorsement. Use of cannabinoid products in veterinary species should only be done after a full examination and discussion with a licensed veterinarian in compliance with State, Federal, or local laws. 

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