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We value science

The science behind human and veterinary medicine is ever changing. What might be true or accepted one day may not be true or accepted the next. We are okay with that! Evolution in clinical approaches should change with the data and always be individualized.

The Veterinary Cannabinoid Academy relies heavily on data driven information in our mission of education and safe utility of cannabinoids for our animal patients. 

To illustrate this we modified this strength of scientific evidence pyramid to show the type of information we strive to share.
We have a textbook!

This project was a labor of love for 2 years! We are ecstatic to finally be able to say it is available for purchase. 
Recommended Product List

We receive questions all the time about what products we use and have been verified by analysis of a COA, products with scientific evidence or just quality products we trust. So, we made a list! This list is ever growing. Products will be added regularly after scrutiny. Click on the logo to download the list.
Chronic Pain Scoring and Quality of Life Resources

A large population of pet parents interested in using cannabinoids have animals with chronic pain or forms of dementia. These are downloadable files that help guide touch conversations and assess the efficacy once an animal is started on a cannabinoid product. 
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Looking for a specific paper or information?

We have a digital library of thousands of peer-reviewed papers, posters, books and articles. Digital catalog searches are associated with a fee. Please email us for pricing.

Wooden Bookshelves
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Free Resources

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